(Latin = Neotragus moschatus , Afrikaans = Soenie, German = Moschuböcken)

Hunting Suni

(Latin = Neotragus moschatus , Afrikaans = Soenie, German = Moschubucken)

Numbers: Very low
Weight: 4 - 6 kg (9 - 13 lb)
Shoulder height: 35 cm (14 in.)

Found only at the northern tip of the Kruger National Park and the most northeastern and coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal.

This very rare little antelope is, because of it's low numbers, under extreme strict protection. It usually prefers a dense bush above the dryer field lands, but has the habit of sticking to the same territory and bush ways, with the result that it easily falls prey to anyone who knows it's area. The suni's enemies further have the advantage of a very specific musk-like scent which is the result of secretion that flows out of the glands under the eyes (and which is believe to be used to mark it's territory). The suni will stand motionless when it becomes aware of danger, which does favour the enemy. However, when the Suni realize that the danger it drawing too close, it will take off in flight. The female is a bit heavier that the male (as in many of the very small antelopes cases).